The magazine Pesquisa FAPESP published an article about a recent scientific paper co-authored by members in PESC. The article also mentions the works of other Brazilian researchers that study the same problem, and also has an interview with professor Daniel Ratton Figueiredo, that was aired by USP Radio on August 11. The magazine article and interview are available here.


The cited paper, entitled "Name usage pattern in the synonym ambiguity problem in bibliographic data", was coauthored by Janaína Gomide (PhD student at PESC), Hugo King (former ECI undergraduate student), and Daniel Figueiredo, and was published by the Scientometrics journal (v. 112, August 2017), and is available here.


This research study is novel in the sense of characterizing the pattern of different name usage by an individual across his scientific publications, to propose a classification methodology for these different patterns, and study the impact of these patterns on the scientific collaboration network. This characterization allows for a better understanding of synonyms in social networks and also the design of algorithms that can remove such ambiguities. This research is part of the doctoral work of Janaina Gomide which is currently spending a period abroad (doutorado sanduíche) at Purdue University.


Congratulations to the co-authors for the work and for the exposing PESC in the media!