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PESC offers a limited number of scholarships from the Brazilian Funding agencies CAPES and CNPq for both Master and Doctorate programs. The scholarship should be requested during the admission process within the application system. Only full time students may apply for grants.

The scholarship values are available at the following links: CAPES / CNPq

Master Students

important: Master candidates applying for scholarships are strongly recommended to take the POSCOMP exam, as it is an important criterion for grant ranking purporses. Applications for the exam are usually around June/July. This exam can be replaced by the GRE for scholarship purposes.

obs: Master scholarships are only distributed once a year, analyzing candidates from the 1st and 3rd entrances (ex. 2015.3 and 2016.1 are analysed together). Thus, candidates for the 3rd trimester that are granted scholarships, will only receive the first payment from January of the following year. Scholarships for the 1st trimester usually start from March.

Waiting list:

In case new scholarships are made available, students in the waiting list will only receive one if they have achieved good scores until that moment. The periods below specify the maximum time a student stays in the waiting list, and consequently, still has a chance of receiving a scholarship:

master: the waiting list is valid until the end of the following second trimester, for students entering on the 1st or 3rd trimesters.

doctorate: a student stays in the waiting list for 3 consecutive trimester at the maximum.


Foreigner candidates may also apply for specific scholarships, such as  PEC-PG or TWAS-CNPq. Candidates applying for international scholarships may enroll in the following year in case they are accepted (to comply with the scholarship calendar).

Note that our admission process is not directly associated with any international scholarship program, so it is usually necessary to go through our admission process first in order to receive an acceptance letter (usually required by the international programs).

We suggest the following agenda for international scholarship applications:

  1. choose an international scholarship program, and observe the proposed deadlines;
  2. enroll in one of PESC’s admission process that has the final date prior to the scholarship deadline;
  3. in case of acceptance, require an acceptance letter to PESC;
  4. with the acceptance letter, apply for the scholarship;
  5. in case you are granted the scholarship, enroll in the following available trimester, usually the international scholarships are synchronized to start the graduate program in March (1st trimester).