Federal University of Rio de Janeiro COPPE Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering


Required documents


All documents are to be uploaded using the Application System.

The following documents are necessary:

  • Identity document (example Passport).
  • Score records for all completed and ongoing undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • The Lattes Curriculum, available at http://lattes.cnpq.br.
  • Employed candidates applying for the part-time course must present a concordance letter from the employer stating agreed amount of weekly hours throughout the course.
  • Employed applicants applying for the full-time course must submit a full release letter from the company.
  • Research Plan, only for Areas of Concentration that use it as an evaluation criterion.
  • English proficiency certificate.

Candidates who choose to compete for vacancies allocated to affirmative actions (item 2.7) must include self-declaration as black (black or mixed race) or indigenous and documents proving that they have a disability (PwD) if applicable.

The candidate who fits into item 2.8 (mother in the last five years) must include documents proving motherhood/adoption in the period in question.


  • All documents must be uploaded through the enrollment system.
  • Candidates selected in the academic master’s selection process must prove, for enrollment purposes, that they have completed the undergraduate course.
  • Candidates approved in the selection process for the academic doctorate must prove, for enrollment purposes, that they have completed the master’s degree. The enrollment of a student can only be carried out after the defense of his master’s dissertation.

Documents for registration if selected:

  • For the Masters, one of the following:
    • Undergraduate diploma
    • A declaration that the student finished all the required courses
    • A statement that the student is currently enrolled in all required courses to graduate
  • For the Doctorate, Undergraduate Diploma and one of the following:
    • Masters diploma
    • A declaration that the student completed the Master (in case the corresponding certificate isn’t ready yet)
    • In the case of ongoing studies, a statement that the student will finish before the start of the following quarter