Federal University of Rio de Janeiro COPPE Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering




The full official regulation is available in Portuguese only.

Edital PESC 2020.

Candidates should carefully read the Regulation.

UFRJ Regulation Number 593/2019 – Selection for Academic Master Courses or Academic Doctorate of PESC / COPPE / UFRJ, was published in BUFRJ Number 37, of 09/12/2019, and its summary was published in the DOU Number 174, of 09/09/2019, Section 3, Page 88.

ATTENTION: The number of places offered becomes 41 places for the Academic Master and 24 places for the Academic Doctorate (these places being distributed among the three periods).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates were changed through Edital UFRJ nº 226/2020 and are published on this portal.

More information on enrollment and academic life can be found directly at the COPPE website.

It is recommended to read mainly the Student Information page and the COPPE Course Regulations document.