Celina Miraglia Herrera de Figueiredo Biography

Celina Miraglia Herrera de Figueiredo has a B.Sc. (1982) and an M.Sc. (1984) in Mathematics from PUC-Rio, an M.Sc. (1987) in Mathematics from UMIST, and a D.Sc. (1991) in Computer Science from COPPE, UFRJ.

Celina joined UFRJ in 1989, as assistant professor in the Computer Science Department of the Mathematics Institute. She is now a full professor at the Systems Engineering and Computer Science Program of COPPE, where she was a collaborator since 1991. In 1995, she spent a year as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization of the University of Waterloo.

She is a CNPq research fellow in Computer Science since 1992, at level 1A since 2012. She is a FAPERJ "Cientista do Nosso Estado" fellow since 2005. She received the Giulio Massarani COPPE Award for Academic Merit in 2006 and the COPPE Fifty Years Award in 2013.

She is a member of the editorial board of RAIRO Theoretical Informatics and Applications.

Her Erdős number is 2. See also her cv, her publications, and a description of her most significant publications.