Título: MISIR: Recommendation Systems in a Knowledge Management Scenario
Autores: Carlos Eduardo Barbosa, Jonice Oliveira, Luciano Maia, Jano Moreira de Souza
Data de publicação: 2007
Nome da publicação: Proceedings of IADIS International Conference Web Based Communities 2007.
Páginas: 8
Resumo: In a scientific scenario we can notice the predominance of explicit knowledge being manipulated and distributed, which makes recommender systems very useful in this environment. But along with a knowledge management approach this kind of system can support the organization in better identifying competences, help engage users in a continuous and dynamic knowledge exchange, and customize knowledge dissemination as much as possible. MISIR is a collaborative recommender system, developed to help to the process of knowledge exchange. In this work we detail a collaborative recommender system which is used in a Scientific Knowledge Management Environment; we show how this approach can be aimed at a KM process and how this approach can deal with other kinds of knowledge used in research centers and universities.
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