It's me!!

Hello! My name is Inês Dutra. My main research interests are Parallelism and Logic Programming. During my PhD research I worked at University of Bristol, in the Department of Computer Science, on the design and implementation of a reconfigurer to dynamically distribute and-work and or-work in the Andorra-I parallel logic programming system.

Currently, I am working at COPPE/Sistemas/ UFRJ , in sunny Rio de Janeiro!

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Inês de Castro Dutra (

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco H-319
Cx. Postal 68511
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
CEP: 21941-972

[+55 21 2562-8661, fax: +55 21 2562-8676 ]

Updated on October 13th, 2005