Diana Sasaki Nobrega, a former student of PESC, is a winner for Mathematics of the program "For Women in Science" sponsored by L’Oréal together with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences  (ABC).

The edition twelve of the program posted the results on 1st August 2017. Please look here for details.

There are seven young winners, all concluded their Doctor degrees from 2010 onwards, in the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Life Sciences; and Diana who did her degree of Master, Doctor, and Postdoctor at PESC with supervisors Prof. Celina and Prof. Simone Dantas from UFF - is the winner in Mathematics.

Please look for the Master Dissertation and for the Doctor Thesis by Diana.

Diana Sasaki today has a position at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute at UERJ.

For the news release at Folha de São Paulo please click here.

Congratulations to Diana Sasaki and her supervisors Celina (from PESC) and Simone Dantas de Souza (form UFF)! And to all women who contribute for the advancement of Science.