The CT-2 auditorium at COPPE/UFRJ was overcrowded, on 03/29/2023, on a morning of tributes to Prof. Nelson Maculan (PESC and IM/UFRJ).

Nelson Maculan is currently Emeritus UFRJ – twice by COPPE and by the Institute of Mathematics – but he has a trajectory of dedication to teaching, research and quality public education that is unlikely to be matched by any other Brazilian.

Maculan was Coordinator (and Founder) of PESC/COPPE, Director of COPPE, Rector of UFRJ, Secretary of Higher Education at MEC, Secretary of Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro and, above all, a teacher recognized by his students who are spread across the states of Brazil and several countries.

The table was made up of several UFRJ authorities and as speakers we had their mentors at the PESC: Professor Marcone Souza, former dean of UFOP, where the honoree graduated; Professor Lorena Pradenas, from the University of Concepción in Chile; professor Carlile Lavor, from UNICAMP, the most frequent co-author of the honoree; professor Luidi Gelabert Simonetti from PESC/COPPE/UFRJ and professors Victor Giraldo and Gregório Malajovich, from the Institute of Mathematics of UFRJ.

Following Prof. Nelson Maculan gave us a short lecture on university teaching in Brazil, quoting Prof. Paulo Boaventura, who was his supervisor at COPPE, former Rector Prof. Paulo Alcântara Gomes (who played an important role during the military dictatorship by hiring people who were dismissed by the illegitimate government for COPPE) and the Academic Secretary of the PESC Gutierrez da Costa, one of the newest administrative collaborators.

We also had the pronouncement of the Association Rectors for Democracy, with the presence of four of its members.

Despite being 80 years old, Maculan continues to advise master's and doctoral students at PESC and even teaches disciplines, which also accept undergraduate students.

A common point in the honoree's speeches was that they want to be here in ten years, celebrating their 90th birthday.

See how the ceremony went on the PESC YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Congratulations Maculan and LONG, HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE!


Below are some photos from the ceremony.



The auditorium filled


Teachers participating in the Tribute


 Prof. Marcone Souza, former Rector of UFOP


Profa. Lorena Pradenas, University of Concepcion in Chile



 Prof. Carlile Lavor, UNICAMP


 Prof. Luidi Gelabert Simnonetti, PESC/COPPE/UFRJ


 Prof. Victor Giraldo, Institute of Mathematics/UFRJ


 Prof. Gregório Malajovich, Institute of Mathematics/UFRJ


Deans for Democracy


And finally the honoree: Prof. Nelson Maculan


 Published on 03/31/2023