PESC will be receiving Harry Peterson, CEO of SILOXIT, who will give a very interesting lecture - it will be on 05/24, at 10:00 am, in room H-319-11.

Title: Cashing in on technology improvements that can slash the costs of Distributed Online Condition Monitoring (DOCOM)

Many tech trends are strongly contributing to the virtuous feedback loop that continues to improve performance and utility of the electric grid.
(1)    Lower power
(2)    Energy harvesting
(3)    Greater accuracy
(4)    Better software
(5)    Better security
(6)    Faster networks
(7)    Better regulations
(8)    Smarter algorithms
(9)    The cognitive edge
(10) Better life cycle management

Arguably it was Feynman who got the ball rolling sixty-four years ago in his “Plenty of Room at the Bottom” speech.

The point of this lecture is to examine how specific technical advances spawn specific cost-reduction opportunities, and to comment on ways in which team leaders can both speed up this process and manage the inevitable risks.


All are welcome!







Published on 05/12/2023