Rio Info takes place this year at the Engineering Club (located at Av. Rio Branco nº 124 – 22nd floor – Rio de Janeiro – RJ), on September 18th. The central theme will be Artificial Intelligence. Click here and see more details.

Prof. Carlos Eduardo Pedreira (PESC) will be on panel number 4, starting at 3:30 pm, whose theme is "Artificial Intelligence and Society: opportunities, threats and possibilities for social and legal control".

This is a topic that currently occupies all minds and social and economic institutions throughout the world. The idea is to debate and deepen the issue from the point of view of business and the role and responsibility of companies, including institutional ones. The issues — privacy, security, employment, productivity, concentration, etc. — are broad and diverse. IT companies are at the heart of the challenge and can and must act, including with their products, services and technology.

The panel will be coordinated by Sérgio Rosa and will feature Prof. Alvaro Coutinho (Nacad/COPPE), Prof. Carlos Eduardo Pedreira (PESC) and Isabella Z. Frajhof (from Núcleo Legalite).


Published on 09/15/2023.