The LV Brazilian Symposium on Operational Research (SBPO) was held in São José dos Campos, from November 6th to 9th, 2023.

The traditional theses and dissertations competition was held within the SBPO. See more by clicking here.

Alexsander Andrade de Melo (PhD from PESC) was awarded second place in the thesis competition.

The fact is extraordinary because his doctoral thesis entitled "On (in)tractability of connection and cut problems" is a thesis developed in the area of ​​Computing Theory and the event held at the São José dos Campos Technological Innovation Park had as its theme Integration of urban mobility and sustainability.

The excellence of the thesis, previously awarded first place at the CTD — SBC, confirmed its prominence among the doctoral theses defended in 2022, having now received an award from the industry applications community strongly represented at the SBPO, an event with 500 participants . The importance of theoretical study for the assessment of computational limits and for the analysis and development of algorithms was recognized.

The thesis was supervised by professor Celina Figueiredo (PESC) and co-supervised by professors Ana Silva from UFC and Uéverton Souza from UFF. We also highlight that first place was given to a UFF thesis also supervised by Professor Uéverton.


Congratulations Alexsander and his advisors!


Below is a photo of the awards ceremony



Published on 11/11/2023.