Prof. Carlos Eduardo Pedreira, from PESC, was promoted to the highest level in Research Productivity grants at CNPq (level A).

Research Productivity grants are awarded by CNPq to researchers who stand out in this activity. These scholarships have 5 levels, from E to A, with very few being able to reach the maximum level.

PESC now has six A level researchers in its current staff - two are Professors Emeritus.

This promotion recognizes the trajectory of Professor Pedreira, who has made an important contributions in the areas of medical applications and Artificial Intelligence.

Inventor on international patents in the medical field, Prof. Pedreira's work is being used in more than 50 countries, providing better diagnoses of lymphomas and leukemias.

Well recognized abroad, he has maintained an important collaboration with the Cancer Research Center of the University of Salamanca for the last 22 years, and placed UFRJ in the EuroFlow consortium of universities.

A pioneer in Artificial Intelligence research, Prof. Pedreira was Founding President of the Brazilian Society of Computational Intelligence.

A defender of quality as a fundamental value in scientific research, he has published in several of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, including several IEEE transactions, including TPAMI, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Leukemia, Trends in Biotechnology, Artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Review.

In 2023, Prof. Pedreira started a project aiming to promote AI to the general public through an Instagram profile (@IA_e_bioestatística) which already has more than 50 videos with around 7,500 followers.

Congratulations Prof. Pedreira for this well-deserved promotion!


Published on 01/11/2024.