The Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) invited Profa. Celina Miraglia Herrera de Figueiredo (PESC) to join the jury of the 'For Women in Science' Award in 2024.

Since 2006, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), in partnership with the L’Oréal Group and UNESCO, annually awards the best scientists with projects of high merit in the largest national institutions.

Celina is one of the biggest references in Brazil in the area of ​​Computer Science, being a member of the Gender and Diversity Committee of the Brazilian Mathematics Societies (SBM) and Applied and Computational Mathematics (SBMAC). He is also a full member of ABC.

Scientist appointed by ABC, Celina is aware that the area of ​​Mathematical Sciences is still far from exposing a reality of greater symmetry between men and women. Therefore, she believes that her responsibility will be even greater as a mathematician and woman in a prominent position at the entity in 2024.

“Although in some areas there is greater equality between men and women, Mathematics feels inequality too much, from the insecurity of women in the face of their vocation. We constantly see insecurity, from the variation in the number of submissions for the ‘For Women in Science’ Award, when we consider the different areas of knowledge that the award considers”, he assesses.

As one of the first assignments for this year, Celina has the support of SBM and its board of directors to increase the participation and importance of women mathematicians in decisions at ABC.

See more details in the news published on the SBM website by clicking here.

Congratulations Prof. Celina!

Photo: Disclosure/SBM – Celina Figueiredo is part of the jury for the ‘For Women in Science’ Award


Published on 02/19/2024.