Making a relevant contribution to STEM education, the paper "Heroine's Learning Journey: Motivating Women in STEM Online Courses Through the Power of a Narrative" was accepted for publication by IEEE Access, available in Open Access format under a Creative Commons license.

This innovative study, led by professors from Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal, the Igualdade STEM group and the Laboratório do Futuro da Coppe/UFRJ, addresses the persistent challenge of increasing female participation in traditionally male-dominated fields, using a narrative-based model to engage and inspire young female students.

This research is the result of Luis Felipe Coimbra Costa's doctoral thesis at PESC entitled "The Heroine's Learning Journey: Motivating Women in STEM Online Courses Through the Power of a Narrative", guided by professors Geraldo Bonorino Xexéo (PESC) and Ana Isabel Baptista Moura Santos (IST-Lisbon).

The research highlights how implementing heroic narratives can transform the online learning experience, resulting in a significant increase in women's enrollment and engagement in STEM courses. IEEE Access recognized the importance of this work, highlighting it as a crucial milestone in understanding and overcoming the barriers faced by women in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Acceptance of the article in this journal not only validates the quality of the research, but also expands its potential impact on the academic community.

Looking to the future, those taking part in the research are optimistic that this contribution will pave the way for further investigation and development in the field, encouraging educators, policymakers and society at large to rethink how we can better support and motivate women to pursue careers in STEM. This publication is an important step toward a more equitable and representative learning environment, promoting diversity and inclusion at the heart of STEM education.

The publication can be accessed by clicking here.

Congratulations to Luis Felipe Coimbra Costa and the other authors!


Luis Felipe Coimbra Costa at a presentation in Lisbon.



Published on 02/27/2024.