The line covers the main areas of Mathematical Programming theoretical, computational and important application sectors.


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Major Research Themes

  • Programaação Mathematics - theory, methods and computational implementation
  • Algorithms interior point in linear programming and non-linear
  • Graphs: definition of graphs, data structure in graphs, great roads, great spanning tree, flows in networks
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Nonlinear Programming: decomposition, confidence regions, non-differentiable problems, optimization manifolds and applications to variational inequalities
  • Problem two levels
  • Mathematics and Computational Biology
  • Systems Optimization Dynamic Stochastic and Deterministic
  • Computational methods in optimization
  • enabled location Problem
  • The problem of variational inequality
  • Applications of Riemannian geometry to Optimization


Available software

It was developed Robus - Decision Support Software that uses the robustness analysis methodology ( Robustness Analysis ). href="/robus" This software is available here

an implementation of the Simplex algorithm phases 1 and 2 was developed for teaching purposes. This software is available here.

software was developed with teaching purposes containing variants implementations <! - StartFragment -> Djkstra of algorithms and Distances Update. href="/camotim" This software is available here.