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Seminário Laura Gellert: Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization in Logistics at 4flow
Quarta-feira, 19 Janeiro 2022, 13:30 - 14:30

Convidamos para o seminário de Laura Gellert organizado conjuntamente pelas linhas de AC e OT, que será realizado na quarta-feira, dia 19 de janeiro de 2022, às 13:30h, remotamente através da sala virtual

Agradecemos a ampla divulgação. 


Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization in Logistics at 4flow

Three real-world use cases that illustrate how Machine Learning and mathematical optimization are used to optimize supply chain processes in different industries: - Smart replenishment strategy based on prediction of article demand - Simplification and improvement of container ordering through demand prediction and integer programming - Reduction of air freight transports through analysis of risk drivers and risk prediction

Laura Gellert studied mathematics at Free University Berlin, Germany and specialized on discrete geometry. Then, she did a PhD in graph theory at Ulm University, Germany until 2017. Afterwards she started at 4flow as a data scientist. Now, she is responsible for the data science team at 4flow consulting. They help our business customers with customized optimizations and data-driven approaches.